3D building scanning

Documenting the existing situation with extreme precision.

Customized 3D building scanning for tailor-made accurate 3D BIM models.

3D building scanning and processing point clouds play a crucial role in modern construction and design technology. Not only for initiating redevelopment projects effectively but also for contractual agreements when precise information is necessary. These advanced methods empower professionals to create detailed and accurate 3D BIM models, thereby saving considerable time in complex surveys.

3D building scanning is a technological approach involving advanced laser scanners and cameras to capture the physical characteristics of a building. This process results in a vast number of points in space, known as a point cloud, representing the exact geometry and structure of the building. At MeetAtelier, we have access to multiple professional building scanners and the capability to quickly convert point clouds into accurate 3D models. By scanning buildings, we can minimize disruption as we spend less time on-site.


How do we work with 3D scanning?

Depending on the type of building and the requirements of the point cloud, we select the scanner needed. For a NEN 2580 measurement, we use a mobile scanner that allows us to quickly visualize the geometry of the building. At the same time, 360-degree photos are taken. Stationary 3D scanners are more accurate but will take more time to scan and may not reach everywhere. The choice of scanner is made in consultation.

After scanning the building, the point cloud needs to be processed to make it suitable for the development of a 3D BIM model. This processing involves several steps, such as:

  1. Data cleaning: Removing inaccuracies and unwanted artifacts in the point cloud to create an accurate base.
  2. Point cloud registration: Merging multiple scans into one seamless whole, accurately representing the entire building.
  3. Point Classification: Identifying and classifying points based on their function (e.g., walls, floors, windows), which is essential for creating a structured BIM model.
  4. Normalization of the Point cloud: Adjusting the point cloud to a uniform coordinate system for consistency and accuracy.
  5. 3D BIM Models: With the processed point cloud as a base, a 3D BIM model can be generated. Depending on the requirements, the 3D model can be developed at different Levels of Detail (LOD).


Automated NEN2580 measurement

If we internally develop a 3D BIM model, we can link it to the created script to automatically generate a NEN 2580 floor plan drawing and bill of quantities. This means that large complex buildings can be directly converted into a NEN measurement.


Benefits of 3D building scanning and BIM:

  • Accurate measurements and geometric information.
  • Reduction of errors and optimization of workflows.
  • Speed and minimizing disruption in existing situations.
  • Nothing is overlooked.
  • Immediate insight into surfaces.



3D building scanning and point cloud processing are key to developing detailed and informative 3D BIM models. These technologies have the potential to transform the construction industry by enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and collaboration among all stakeholders. The benefits extend from design to construction and maintenance, preparing the construction sector for a more advanced and innovative future.

What we offer you

3D building scan

  • An accurate scan of the building with professional scanners
  • Developed 3D models according to ISO 19650
  • LOD 100 to LOD 300 possible based on pointcloud
  • Fast editing and processing of data
  • Direct conversion to NEN floor plan drawing and bill of quantities
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