NEN 2580 Measurement Report

The highest standard in NEN 2580 measurement reports offers you precise insight.

At Meetatelier, we believe in accuracy, professionalism, and transparency when preparing NEN 2580 measurement certificates. These certificates are essential for determining the area of real estate properties according to the Dutch standard NEN 2580. Meetatelier follows strict guidelines and quality assurance in preparing these measurement certificates.


Preparation and Documentation

Meetatelier emphasizes thorough preparation by gathering all relevant documentation, including construction drawings, floor plans, and information about any changes to the building. We ensure that our data is complete and up-to-date, thereby guaranteeing the highest possible accuracy.


Measurement and Calculation

Meetatelier uses advanced measuring equipment and techniques to perform accurate measurements according to the regulations of NEN 2580. Where necessary, we use our professional 3D scanner to gain immediate insight into the surface area of particularly complex buildings.


Determining the Desired Surface Area

In accordance with NEN 2580, Meetatelier determines the area based on the actual usable floor space. Together with the client, we determine which surfaces are necessary.



Our measurement certificates contain clear and standardized reporting. We mention the name of the building, location, purpose of the measurement, and measurement date. A detailed description of the measurement method and used documents is provided. We present the results in a clear table, including the total usable area and individual spaces.


Quality Control

Meetatelier conducts thorough quality control to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement certificate. We check the measurements, calculations, and reporting for any errors or inconsistencies. Our certificates meet the specific requirements of NEN 2580 and NTA 2581 and comply with the applicable standards. Not only do we control our work ourselves, but we are also regularly audited by our external auditor.

What we offer you

NEN 2580 Measurement Report

  • A clear bill of quantities supplemented with a distribution statement or room statement
  • A clear visualization in color of all building levels
  • A detailed explanation of the performed work
  • The definitions of the terms and methodology used
  • A measurement certificate A or B
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MeetAtelier is the largest independent specialist in the Netherlands, making the preparation of measurement reports its core activity. The combination of knowledge and experience guarantees you the best measurement report.

Our representative measurement report is prepared according to the highest quality standards: our measurement masters have a solid constructional educational level, we work daily with the NEN 2580, and we employ a strict four-eye-control system for every measurement report. Simply put, because every square meter counts.

At MeetAtelier, we strive for the highest standard in the preparation of NEN 2580 measurement certificates. By following a strict process, we ensure that our measurement certificates not only meet the standards but also contribute to transparency and reliability in real estate transactions and management. We provide consistent and comparable information, allowing all parties involved to rely on the quality of our services.

MeetAtelier aims for an excellent price-quality ratio combined with fast delivery times. These clients have already preceded you.

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National and International Developments

The NEN 2580 originated from the Neprom measurement method and the NEN 2630. Since 1991, the Netherlands has had its own standard, the NEN 2580. This has since been the only standard applicable in the Netherlands for determining the floor area and volume of buildings.

Many European countries have their own standards, but the Dutch standard NEN 2580 is considered a frontrunner. It is only a matter of time before there will be a European standard for determining the area and volume of buildings. It is likely that the Netherlands will play an important role in its development.

NEN-EN 15221-6

The NEN-EN 15221-6 is a European standard set up from and exclusively for Facility Management.

Initially, it seemed that this standard would apply to the entire real estate world and replace the NEN 2580 in the Netherlands. However, because this met with much resistance in the Netherlands, the ultimate scope of the standard has been limited to Facility Management.

RICS Code of Measuring Practice

The RICS Code of Measuring Practice is perhaps the oldest standard for floor area determination in Europe and is intended for use in the United Kingdom.

This standard includes terms and definitions for accurately mapping buildings and land. The code was first published in 1979 and is now in its 6th edition. (source:

IPD Space Code

IPD Space Code is a globally active organization that focuses on measuring the business performance of real estate investments.

In the Netherlands, the activities of IPD Space Code have been merged with the Stichting ROZ Vastgoed index and Stichting eaDex. The IPD Space Code is a floor area determination measurement system that allows organizations to assess the performance of the spaces in their buildings. (source:

Measurement Instruction Waarderingskamer, NVM, etc.

The Measurement Instruction provides a practical guide (not a standard) for determining the usable area and gross volume of homes.

The measurement instruction is mainly used by residential real estate agents and was developed by a collaboration of various branch organizations of real estate agents and appraisers (including NVM, VBO, VastgoedPro, NWWI), the VNG, and the Waarderingskamer.

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