Architectural drafting

Precision drafting provides greater insight.

Digital Building Drawings: Efficient Real Estate Management

As an addition to the NEN 2580 measurement report, MeetAtelier also conducts architectural drafting. Efficiently managing a building requires up-to-date digital building drawings, facilitating easy and fast exchange of building information with third parties, saving you time and money.


Expansion into 3D Drawings

In addition to providing high-quality 2D drafting, MeetAtelier is expanding its services into the realm of 3D drafting to meet the growing demand for up-to-date digital building drawings.


Accuracy in 2D and 3D Drawing Work

The importance of accuracy is emphasized in both 2D and 3D drafting. By maintaining diligence throughout the entire process, from concept to completion, MeetAtelier ensures reliable and detailed digital representations of buildings.


Benefits of 3D Drafting

The use of 3D drafting offers significant advantages for building information management. Clients can better understand complex spatial relationships and structures, and the exchange of detailed building information with third parties is facilitated quickly and efficiently.


MeetAtelier: Your Partner in Building Technical Services

Customers of MeetAtelier benefit not only from accurate NEN 2580 measurement reports but also from advanced 3D drafting that contributes to a comprehensive and up-to-date management of their real estate portfolio. This integrated approach positions MeetAtelier as a versatile partner meeting various needs in the field of building technical services.

What we offer you

Architectural drafting

  • Drafting new floor plans (in CAD) based on the current on-site situation. The level of detail and the formatting and presentation method are determined in consultation.
  • Updating existing digital drawings by incorporating the current layout and optionally maintaining them in the future so that you always have the most up-to-date information.
  • Creating evacuation and emergency response plans (NEN 8112, NEN 1414, NEN 1313).
Why Choose MeetAtelier?

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MeetAtelier is the largest independent specialist in the Netherlands, making the preparation of measurement reports its core activity. The combination of knowledge and experience guarantees you the best measurement report.

Our representative measurement report is prepared according to the highest quality standards: our measurement masters have a solid constructional educational level, we work daily with the NEN 2580, and we employ a strict four-eye-control system for every measurement report. Simply put, because every square meter counts.

At MeetAtelier, we strive for the highest standard in the preparation of NEN 2580 measurement certificates. By following a strict process, we ensure that our measurement certificates not only meet the standards but also contribute to transparency and reliability in real estate transactions and management. We provide consistent and comparable information, allowing all parties involved to rely on the quality of our services.

MeetAtelier aims for an excellent price-quality ratio combined with fast delivery times. These clients have already preceded you.

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